Strange issues after graphics card update - no audio and others

Hi Everyone,
I just upgraded my graphics card from GTX 460 to GTX 660. Installed drivers from the cd, and am encountering a whole bunch of problems that I didn't think could be caused by a GPU change.
1st: The sound is not working. I have uninstalled and reinstalled drivers from realtek and motherboard manufacturer. When I go to the audio manager it says that nothing is plugged in and no audio devices are installed. When I go to hardware and sound in the control panel, it says that windows audio service is not enabled. I researched this problem and went to the services manager to check dependencies. There is no dependencies tab in Windows audio properties, but I still cannot enable windows audio service due to failure of dependencies.
2nd: search bars in the start menu and explorer windows does not function.
3rd: Failure to launch certain applications but not others. For example, an attempt to play Battlefield 3 does not function, the browser window it runs through claims it cannot find an OS Vista or Higher (Running Windows 7 64-bit)
Other weird behaviors as well. I cannot even fathom why a GPU change could cause any of this. I can still play certain games without sound and they look great, the card itself seems to be functioning.
Any tips? I appreciate it!
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  1. Update the drivers from the website. The drivers on the CD are often old. Also, make sure you uninstall all the old GTX software and just do a fresh install.

    This is what I'd do exactly. Uninstall all Nvidia software and drivers and reboot my system. See if audio is working or not. If Audio isn't working, then shut down and put the old graphics card in. Turn on the system and see if audio if is working now. If audio was working with the new card after removing all the drivers and software, I'd then install the latest drivers from the nvidia website and restart. If audio only works on the old card, then I'd post on here saying I need more help and possibly get ready to RMA my card.
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