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Hi i am a newbie and using acer aspire 4736z . I want to install windows 7 with cd , but i cannot open my bios , then i am looking the answer in google and they said i need to update my bios . After update my BIOS i cant open my windows . When windows loadings its appear blue screen and restart . I cant open bios and windows . Can someone help me to fix this pls
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  1. You shouldn't necessarily need to enter your BIOS just to install W7. What happens when you try to install W7 using the disk you bought?
  2. try using the cmos jumper on the mb to clear your cmos to see if you can get into the bios. did you try and flash the mb from inside of windows?? most of those windows flasher fail. the right way is to flash the bios from inside the mb bios updater.
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    The first thing to do is to put the Windows 7 disc into the DVD drive and shut the computer off. Then press the power button and continually hit 'F2' and 'F12'

    You should either see BIOS or the boot-menu appear.

    From there, you can decide where to go in terms of making the DVD drive the number 1 boot priority, or just choosing it for the one time boot option.

    If BIOS doesn't open AT ALL, it's most likely a CPU/Mobo issue.

    Let us know what happens
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