how can i split my 37" screen into several windows. Currently everything is in one window and is too big.

I have just linked my Dell computer to a 37" HDTV screen. I get one huge window with large letters. How can I get 4 windows with readable, normal letter size on this large screen.
Thank you
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  2. You don't.

    Odds are your 37" screen is 1080P maximum resolution. If you are coming from a 1080P monitor all you are gaining is screen size (ie no difference in resolution, unless it is a DECREASE from going down to an older 720P HDTV)

    It's like taking an old digitial picture, it may look great at 4x6" but blow it up to 400x600" and standing right in front of it the individual "pixels" would be the size of a pea. This is the same thing that is happening on the TV, the "readable, normal letter size" is being stretched to fit the bigger screen.
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