How much VRAM do I need, and what's the benefits of having better graphics card?

Hi people. I need advice on which graphics card to buy for my new dual monitors set up. The main uses of the new pc would be for watching HD movies, 3D modelling (SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor), and other non-gaming purposes. As I'm on tight budget, I can't afford a Quadro or FirePro card. I don't think I need them anyway since I'm not doing rendering and I am not professional.

So I'm wondering whether VRAM makes any difference for the purposes I have stated, particularly 3D modelling on dual screen; say I run 2 CAD programs on each screen. I am deciding between HD7870 2GB and HD7950 3GB. I know it's definitely better to buy the better one (HD 7950 3GB) if I can afford it, but I would prefer to save on the cost as much as possible and not spend unnecessarily. If VRAM is not of any importance, then would having better graphics card, say comparing HD 7850 to HD 7870, bring about any difference for me? Any comments and inputs will be greatly appreaciated :wahoo:
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    Well it would depend on what GPU you have now and what PSU you have as to whether you could even support a newer GPU with replacing the PSU and if you would see any performance increase.
  2. I have an Asus ATI Radeon X300SE now, been using for almost 10 years. PSU is a Hipro HP-D3057F3H 300W. Well it doesn't matter, I'm planning on a new build. Going for Asus B85-Plus Core i7 4771. PSU will depend on which graphics card I choose, I believe.
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