i5-2500k @ 4.5GHz keeps underclocking to 1.6GHz

My i5-2500k keeps underclocking under the slightest load (usually when transferring files) to 1.6GHz. It's not thermal throttling at all, it underclocks when it is still under 40C.

I took some screens of the current situation. On top is the regular clock and temps, and below is where it's underclocking. I should state that when I originally did the overclock, it passed a 4 hour prime95 test without any issues.

I did already do some research and never found anything helpful. The cpu is on a GIGABYTE GA-P67A-UD4-B3 motherboard, and cooled with a Hyper 212 with properly applied thermal paste.

Any information is appreciated.
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  1. 1.6GHz is the standard clock when CPU is on idle.
    Just make your CPU do something and it'll be back to higher speed.
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    If you didn't disable Speedstep, it is just doing what it is supposed to do when not heavily taxed... slow down to conserve wattage and reduce heat. I left Speedstep enabled for my mild O/C on mine because I don't need more speed during 90% of my use. When I game, it goes back to full speed.
  3. Oh well now I feel dumb. Makes sense though. I just did a brief prime 95 and it didn't underclock. Thanks guys.
  4. Don't feel dumb. We all learn the same way ;-)
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