Does my motherboard support SATA 3?

I have a stock motherboard that came with the dell studio XPS 435MT, and I'm looking to upgrade my hard drive, and i was wondering if my motherboard supported SATA 3 or not.
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  1. Well we need to know the motherboard before we can tell you
  2. how do i find my motherboard name?
  3. Most manufacturers advertise if their system has SATA 3 (6Gb/s) ports.
    Since SATA 3 is not mentioned in the system specs for the XPS 435MT then most likely it only has SATA 2 (3Gb/s) ports.

    To get additional info on your motherboard, download and run CPU-Z from
    Click on the "Mainboard" tab and it will give you info on your motherboard.
  4. Yes, i looked that motherboard up and it only supports SATA 2. Thanks for that but i have one more question. Since i still want to upgrade my HDD, what would be a good one to get? I do play a lot of PC games, and i want to find a HDD that suits gaming the best that is SATA 2.
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    Get a SATA 3 HDD even though you will be connecting it to a SATA 2 port.
    Even though a SATA 3 HDD cannot spin fast enough to achieve SATA 3 speeds, it is still faster than a SATA 2 HDD.

    The 1TB and 2TB HDDs from Seagate have Read/Write speeds of 210MB/s.
  6. Okay i will get the 1TB version. Thanks for all the help i was really confused haha
  7. No problem!
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