Will the Sapphire 7750 Low Profile card FRY MY MOTHER BOARD?

I have a Gateway mini tower with a cruddy PSU of only 220 watts. I really want to instal the Saphhire 7750 graphics card but I'm concerned that my system won't handle it. I do not want to change out my PSU, which will be more money.

Help???!!!! Does anyone know if I can use this card for my system?

FYI, I have 8GB of RAM and a 240gb SSD.

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    The $400 "Spirit of Mini-ITX" build in the SBM cycle of Q1 used a 150W PSU to run a rig with a HD7750. Even if your CPU uses twice the power of the Pentium G860 they used, you'll be fine. Their rig, overclocked, pulled 113W from the wall.
  2. Onus, thanks for the help. My other question is whether I'll have enough room and airflow.

    Here's a pic of my system.

    Would you say the 7750 card will fit? And if so, will this thing overheat due to lack of airflow?

    Thanks again.
  3. Page is forbidden. The Low Profile Sapphire HD7750 should fit just about anywhere.
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