Unable to connect to Steam network (weird issue)

Apologies if this is in the wrong section..

Fellas, I have a real unusual issue.
At first I thought it was a wireless issue but after trying my housemate's ethernet cable last night, I have doubts.

The problem:
About 2 out of ten tries to connect to steam network will successfully connect.
Once I'm in a game (counterstrike), I cannot see any servers in the list to connect to..

but sometimes they pop up... then disappear.
When I'm plyaing Payday 2, I rarely get to enter a lobby... and if I do, half the time I lose connection.

Keep in mind, all websites work flawlessly, as do torrents etc.

Steps tried fixing:
* Port forwarding (router)
* Fire disabled (router)
* Router firmware upgraded to latest
* Power cycled NBN box, router & PC
* Port blocking in ISP account disabled
* All software is disabled ie. firewalls and antivirus inc. Windows firewall
* Upgraded to the latest wireless card drivers
* I've tried doing everything possible as mentioned on Steam forums, such as refreshing

things, deleting... reinstalling.. verifying files etc etc etc..
* My ethernet is disabled, only one network device is active (wireless)

Hardware using:
* iiNet Bob L‪ite router
* Atheros wireless adapter pci-e 150mbps (can't remember exact model)

I cannot seem to figure out where the issue lies.. and also, is it just steam? As websites work just fine.
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  1. i think the problem is steam. steam gives some weird thing when its corrupted happend also to me!
    i just reinstalled steam and it worked! if still no luck maybe uer game is corrupted then.
    try it
  2. I did a full re-installation of steam. I started to think it was my user profile - but after creating a new one the same thing happened. It was suggested on another forum that I switch my Windows Firewall to default, tried that, and then same thing even after disabling again. I'm really out of ideas - can someone help?
  3. I'm still having connection issues. Last night I connected after about 7 times trying.
    But it seems it's not the only thing that it affects, it also affect the games running via Steam. So connecting in games through steam is a a massive hassle as it hardly works.
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