Radeon HD 7770 running very Low FPS in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

Why is one of my CPU Core Usage so low?

I don't understand why is one of my CPU core at 50 and One at 99. And GPU Usage is also very low. This only happens when I play Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. If you know a solution please tell me?

I have my settings On Very High and my CPU is Core 2 Duo e8600 3.33 GHZ and yes I know it us old
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  1. On what settings do you have it set and what is your CPU?
  2. Very high settings and CPU is Core 2 Duo e8600
  3. I have Core 2 Duo e8600 3.33 GHZ and yes I know it is outdated but This is what I have right now until I have enough to buy a new Computer. I still don't understand why CPU usage is so low, if there is bottleneck shouldn't both the CPU cores be at 99 - 100% Usage
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    It could be that your (pretty weak) 7770 is not capable of going very high settings there, so there won't be full CPU utilization precisely because the GPU is the bottleneck
  5. I thought the Core 2 Duo was the bottleneck. But even if there was a GPU bottleneck shouldn't the GPU be at 90 - 99% Usage? That is what I don't get.
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