PC which run all games on minimum setting cheap pc

I want to ask you for cheap pc that run all kind of games like gta 5, bf4, crysis 3 and all others on minimum low settings
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  1. patrick47018 said:

    No sir more cheaper without hDD suggest me a motherboard , ram , and psu with case
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    Cheaper without HDD, like this?
  3. I absolutely have to add this even though this has been answered. Do NOT get 1600mhz RAM. You will be very disappointed with the performance vs 1866mhz. One more note is if by "Minimum" You mean 1920x1080, and minimum settings, it won't work for that. Best the A10 can do is 1280x720 in almost all games. This comes from first hand experience as I have the A10 and have used it with 1600 and 1866mhz RAM. Even if you can only get 4GB of 1866, do it. 4GB is still enough for modern games.
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