which one should i go for

the CPU AMD Phenom ll x4 965 3.40GHz BE


the fx 4130 black edition
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    It depends on your budget. I bought the Phenom II last boxing day, and it has served me well, through a little bit of extra cooling, and some overclocking, but now it's time for me to upgrade, however in this case I would probably say go for the 4130, as it has a higher base clock speed for the same price. It really depends what you're doing, but in my experience the 965 has been a great cheap entry level processor.
  2. i would go for the fx 4130 simply because it's newer and runs fine without much overclocking.
  3. I think get the Phenom. The FX 4130 is newer but a bit weaker. The Phenom will be a bit more powerful.
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