New Acer Predator not booting, not sure if HD issue or something else. Please help!

It's an Acer Predator (G3620)that I bought new off of Amazon last February. (
3.4 GHz Core i7-3770
NVIDIA Geforce GT 630 2GB
Windows 8 64 bit

Anyway, it's been working fine. A week ago I was considering putting a new graphics card out. I took the card out, put something in, it wasn't working quite right, but I decided against changing it, so I put the original card back in, and it kept working fine. I tried to boot once and nothing happened, but I hard reset and it worked fine...for a few more days.

Then a couple days ago I started it, BIOS came up like normal, the little ring of dots circled like Windows was about to start, but then it just went black. I reset again, it detected a hard drive problem, but then shut down, and when I started again, it didn't say anything, it just started to boot windows again, then there were a few flashes and finally black.

I assumed hard drive failure, so I hooked the hard drive up to another PC, once I switched the security permissions over I was able to get into my files, they looked fine and I backed up my critical information. I do a dskcheck, it detected some errors and said that it was able to successfully repair them. When I hooked the HD back up to the Predator, same thing. Little rings go like Windows is about to start, then it flashes, then back to black. The computer sounds fine, there's just nothing on the screen. It keeps running and will even go into sleep mode after 30 minutes like it did before.

I would have thought it's a graphics card issue, but the BIOS displays just fine. When it's on and the screen is black my monitor is detecting input. I've tried disabling secure boot, resetting BIOS options...nothing works.

Once it brought up the Windows 8 you've had an error screen, and I tried to repair disk from that and it restarted again, but the same issue, now I can't even get that screen up to do a system refresh. I can't get it to boot from a Windows 8 disk either.

So I'm really confused on what I should do. I would really appreciate any help or suggestions on this. Thank you so much!
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  1. What's probably happened is when you inserted the other GPU Windows loaded drivers for it, and scrambled your original GPU driver. Use your Installation disk if possible to get into Safe Mode by choosing Repair/Troubleshooting/Advanced Options. There you can uninstall your GPU Driver then reboot your system normally, re-install your GPU driver.
    Also before starting make absolute sure your GPU is properly seated by removing and re-seating...check no dust in slot...
  2. Couple problems, one is that they didn't give me any installation disk with the computer. I've tried A Windows 8 self burned ISO DVD, but it refuses to boot into it, or if it is, It's still showing the little rings then going black. As such I can't get into safe mode or repair or anything. So I have no way of checking GPU drivers at all. I've taken it out and put it back in to make sure it was seated correctly...nothing.
    I hooked up a VGA to the motherboard to see if integrated would work, but it's the exact same thing, so that's confusing as well. Thanks for your suggestion though! I'm still not sure what to try next.
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    Try your DVD on the other PC, just to see if it boots. Next check out your RAM, try running on one stick at a time, and in different slots.
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