motherboard 3.0 usb case doesnt!

i have yet to purchase this build, but i'm getting it fairly cheap with discount prices from combos. I built this through pc part picker the link is here:

It says the case the Cool Master HAF 912 does not have front panel usb 3.0 support. Would this mean the motherboard is not compatible with the case, or would the usb 3.0s just work like a usb 2.0? Please help and thank you :D
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    Neither answer is correct, the USB 3.0 port (separate from the USB 2.0 port) just simply wouldn't be used, as for your front USB 2.0 ports, plug them into the USB 2.0 port header (usually at the bottom of the motherboard). If you upgrade to a case that supports USB 3.0 in the future this motherboard will be compatible with that case as well. Hope this helps. Also please remember to pick your best solution so other people may learn from your thread. Thank you for your time, and have a good day.
  2. Thank you this helps me very much! Is a NZXT phantom 410 a good case? it has usb 3.0 support.
  3. That is a very excelllent case, i know lots of people that have been very pleased with it (go for the special orange and black edition) hahaha its sick.
  4. alright thank you you've been a lot of help :D
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