PCIE 2.0 vs PCIE 3.0

My MB has PCIE 2.0 slots. Will the 3.0 cards work and are there any performance disadvantages
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  1. Yes, 3.0 cards will fit in 2.0 slots. With the Titan, PCI-E 2.0 is about 5% slower. Lower GPU's such as 7970's and 660Ti's will have less of an affect.
  2. Yup, they'll work. All PCI-E 3.0 Cards are backwards compatible with PCI-E 2.0.

    You'll be happy to note that you won't notice any performance differences.
  3. Thanks I looking at the EVGA GeForce GTX 650 SUPERCLOCKED 2048MB GDDR5 for a low budget choice. Seems to have good reviews. Any pros or cons with this card?
  4. If you can, get an GTX 650 TI BOOST. EVGA has a Superoverclocked version of this at a 192-bit rate. It'll be perfect for you if you're in a budget.
  5. Yes, the PCI-E 2.0 bus will be great with a 650 class card. No problem at all.
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