AMD 7850 Crossfire 13.10 Beta 2 - 2nd GPU at constant 99% usage


I was wondering if some of you could shred some light on this matter?

As of now I'm using the brand new 13.10 Beta 2 (Released last night) and I did a complete removal of my old drivers beforehand. (Normal uninstall -> Safe Mode -> Driver Fusion -> Reboot -> Install 13.10v2)

Speccy is showing Crossfire as disabled even though it's enabled in CCC, also Speccy will only read the temps of my 2nd card when Crossfire is disabled in CCC.

When using ASUS GPU Tweak to monitor I found that my 2nd card was at a constant 99% usage even when idle, it dosn't seems like a faulty read as the temps are a lot higher than the primary card as well!

I'm at work right now, but if some of you have any idea how to fix this I will try anything! If not, I'll roll back to the latest stable WHQL drivers (13.9 right?)

Please help!

TL;DR: 2nd card in crossfire setup is running at a constant 99% usage, even when idle.
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  1. I would start with trying the Catalyst 13.8 driver. 13.9 does not include the Crossfire pacing software, 13.10 will. Your best bet is 13.8, if it fixes the issue, send the bug to AMD.
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    Try this

    Go to registry and disable Ulps:

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\ControlSet001\\Control \\Cl ass\\{4D36E968-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}]

    and change "EnableUlps" to 0 under the 0000 and 0001 or 0003 keys.

    Or use the ULPS Configuration Utility
  3. First off don't trust random 3rd party apps called " Speccy". 2nd, betas are BETAS for a reason. Go back to a stable driver and report your issue to the developer (AMD). That's the whole POINTof betas
  4. SOLVED: Disabling ULPS seems to have fixed the problem!
  5. hrhej said:
    SOLVED: Disabling ULPS seems to have fixed the problem!

    :), don't forget to select a best anwser!
  6. ifreestylin said:
    :), don't forget to select a best anwser!

    I think I did it :b thanks!
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