Games like Last of Us but for PC?

Hi All,

Like the topic says, im looking for games like last of us, uncharted for the pc.
I dont have an ps3.
Are there any games that can be compared with those games?
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  1. State of Decay although it's still Early Access on steam so you can expect some bugs here and there until official release. But if you buy Early Access you will get and full completed game eventually.

    Rage it's first person rpg/shooter survival game, could be fun, it's somehow related to Last of Us because of concept but gameplay is different.

    Other then that you could try Stalker (first person horror survival game in open world)

    Other then that I doubt that you can find anything closer.. Dayz might be worth of shoot if you are interested in online gaming.
  2. Hi thanks for some titles, but it doesnt need to be a zombie game. I just want to have a good 3th person game that looks like those games and have good story line. It doesnt matter if its story about zombies or end of the world...
  3. Go for Alan Wake,it's my favorite game of all times and i promise you that you won't regret playing it if you still hadn't.
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