serious issue dont know whats going on

Ok so my friend just gave me a copy of win 8.1 iso through his school. I had windows 7 ultimate on my pc and wanted to do a clean install. Pop the cd in install windows 8.1 activate with a win 8 cd key i had , everything is great. I install a few pieces of software ( videocard drives, eset antivirus). and want to restart my computer . so i restart and its stuck in the win8 boot logo , no spinning circular thing at bootom or anything. Iv shut down the computer and even tried switching the boot sequence to boot onto cd to try and reinstall but its not even seeing the cd now.what do i do ??

I have a cruical m4 ssd( should have newest firmware)that is my boot drive.
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More about issue dont whats
  1. Maybe something came loose inside the PC. It is worth a shot to unplug everything like RAM and SATA cables and plug them back in firmly.
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