Can't make up my mind between these processors and motherboards

Which of these CPU-MOBO combination would be the best for a budget gaming rig?
A. Intel Core i3-3220/3210 (which would you prefer) + MSI B75MA-P45
Reasons: Looks firm and cheap to me.
Price together: Php 7800/7650
B. Intel Core i3-4130 + ASUS H81M-E/MSI H81M-E33 (which would you prefer)
Reasons: It's 4th generation already so that means I could just upgrade the CPU to an i5 later.
Price together: Php 8800 (the two mobos cost the same)
C. AMD FX-6300 + a good and cheap MOBO (please suggest)
Reasons: AMD should be more affordable?

So, what do you think?
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  1. Go with the 4th gen processor, and the ASUS mobo
  2. What about this?
    AMD Fx-4130
    asrock 970 extreme3
    then I'll just spend more money on the gpu. Would that be good?
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