defference between ddr1 and ddr2

what is the difference between ddr1 anddd2
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  1. Seriously? Google it, I'm sick and tired of these lazy questions. It's even been answered on Tom's like 100 times and probably 100 times on google. The time you took you type out the question, you could have already known.
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  3. i'm with getochkn here, i mean it's ok to not know something, even if it's something basic as this, but guys, we're on the internet here, we have search engines. so please just type your question into google and be astonished how fast you got your answer, without spamming some tech-forum for the millionth time with the same simple question. no offense meant, it's just a thing of priciple.
  4. Then dont reply and dont click it, you can see in the title that this is not a topic for you guys.

    So stop bashing yourself.
  5. DDR1 RAM was the first type of double data rate RAM. It was a big advance over SDRAM, transferring data twice as fast as the computer's FSB, or front side bus.

    DDR2 RAM also transfers data twice as fast as a computer's FSB speed, but it is compatible with computers with higher FSB speeds.
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