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Hello everyone,

I just bought 3 monitors 144hz and now I'v got the problem how to play on 144hz on one card with hdmi port ? For now I can play only on two screen's with frame rate 144hz and the third only on 60hz. Do I need special adapter or something else to fix this problem ?
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    Yeah, uhm... HDMI doesn't support a refresh rate above 60Hz.

    Even if it did, no single card, not even a Titan, can play in surround 1080p, 144Hz, without turning details wayy down, so they don't bother doing anything about it. They figure anyone who drops that much on a monitor setup can run two cards.
  2. HDMI doesn't support 144 Hz. You have to use DVI or DP. Also, I hope you plan on playing some really old games if you want 144 Hz at, I assume, 5760x1080 with a single 680.
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