I've got a blue wire running to my HDD from my motherboard. What wire is it?

I know it's a very in-descriptive title but it fits a SATA port but is blu, has no markings on it, and runs from my HDD to my mobo. Any idea what it is?
p.s. My HDD is very slow, maybe this wire is the culprate?
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  1. SATA cables come in different colors(I personally have RED/Blue/Black/White ones).

    Chances are it is a SATA cable.

    As for drive speed, you may need to run some tests on the drive to ensure it is working correctly.

    Please grab CrystalDiskInfo to see if any smart attributes look out of place.

    It also never hurts to run a test from the driver manufactures website(Data Life Guard for western digital/Seatools for Seagate/ect).

    HDTune(you do not need the PRO version the normal one has the scan option) has a generic surface scan that works with most drives.
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