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Is it ok for me to downgrade from Windows 8 to 7 on the MSI GE40? Will I have driver issues or any other issues?
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  1. no but i like to take screen shots of your Device manager just in case. Sometimes windows 7 doesn't always have the drivers. This way you have something to refer back to just in case your like. Um what am I missing? But Vista/7/And 8 all use the same drivers pretty much so if you can't find 7 drivers just use the 8 drivers.
  2. If you have a 4th gen cpu in the laptop keep windows 8 on it. I picked up a msi gt60 2od a few months back and wanted to do the same thing. I know windows 8 stock sucks, go over to and pick up start8 and modernmix and you will feel like your back in windows 7 all over again. since I picked both those up I have never been back to the stupid tile screen for anything.
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