I want to upgrade my 7 year old pc at low price

i want to upgrade my almost dead old desktop which has following config:
1. Processor: AMD duron (p) 2.1 GHz
2. Motherboard: Gigabyte Motherboard
3. RAM: 512 MB DDR1 333MHz
4. DVDRW: Samsung Octoedge
so now I've chosen the following configuration for my upgrade:
1. AMD A4-4000 (3150 INR)
2. MSI E33 FM2 Motherboard (3350 INR)
3. 2 GB RAM (2x1 GB modules) (1500 INR)
4. Any cheap DVDRW
5 I have not decided on HDD.
so I have mentioned the prices in the brackets. I want to know if my configuration is okay? I would like to know some other (Intel based) suggestion too. but the price is very tight fact. any better configuration within that price range?
I have not bought any parts still. My price range is 8000 INR (almost 133$) only for processor/motherboard/ram combined. any suggestion? I'm currently biased on AMD apu because of the built in GPU.
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  1. you need to provide more information. if you're already set on getting a new mobo, cpu, and ram, give a target price you want to pay for a new set and im sure this forum can provide a plethora of options, both amd and intel based, for your new PC.
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