Hyperthreading for gaming???

Is hyper threading a important component in gaming
i am planning to buy g2020 processor but after reading about i3 3220 i found that it had hyperthreading which g2020 did not have so is it important for gaming...
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  1. more is better. the i5 also have a higher clock speed.

    I would say 4 thread is minimum for today games.
  2. all hyperthreading does is take your processor's core count (in the case of an I3, 2 cores) and splits the processor between two processing threads, effectively making the CPU work as if it had 4 cores.

    the pentiums are dual core processors that don't have hyperthreading. so you only have 2 cores.

    i3s are dual core with hyperthreading, essentially 4 cores... more effective for multi threaded applications and games.

    i3s are better. bigger cache size and more processing threads, better for gaming. pentiums are office based workloads.

    hope this helped.
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    i3's are priced twice as much as pentiums yet they do not give twice the performance.So either go for Pentium G2020 or go for a cheap i5 don't waste extra money on i3 if getting a pentium means you can get a better video card. For example i had the option of i3+6670 dd3 or Pentium+7750gddr5 so i went with the second option as it will provide better performance in games.But if money is not as issue go for the cheapest i5 you can find .
  4. unfortunately hyperthreading doesn't actually act like a 2nd virtual core... if you get 30% boost in performance you're doing fantastic. Only one game in history has ever made use of hyperthreading and that is crysis3, which you won't be able to play (well) on a pentium g2020 or i3 anyway. so a dual core i3 with hyperthreading will work more like a hypothetical 2.5core cpu then it will a 4 core... and an i7 with hyperthreading will work like a hypothetical 5 core not an 8 core.

    in every game not titled crysis3 you'll notice very little difference gaming with a g2020 or an i3 (in fact with many games hyperthreading actually slightly hurts performance).
  5. thank you everyone
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