Home-build based on i5 4670, 1080p gaming, and graphic design

Hi guys,

My second time here, and this is going to be my second build (coming from an i5 760, ati5770, 4gb RAM, 18.5" monitor). I've had such great success with my first build and it's mostly because of this site. Personally, this is the only place I would trust (I simply go in the stores and buy the stuff and not ask, lol).

The main use for this rig is going to be daily Graphic Design work (PS,AI,AE,Pr), 1080p gaming (going for a 23" LED), watching HD movies (of course), and I plan on dabbling in indie game development in about a year's time so I plan to use my existing 18.5" monitor as my 2nd monitor. Also it would be nice if the rig is powerful enough to record 1080p footage (fraps) and still have acceptable fps when gaming (I'm not a Let's Player or anything).

So far, I've got my eye on the following:

i5 4670 (no plans of overclocking)
Sapphire hd 7850 2gb (based on TH's mid-range card recommendations)
at least 8 gb RAM, possibly 16 gb Corsair (for graphic design work, hopefully overkill for gaming)

With this said, the part I need help the most is in choosing an appropriate motherboard. I don't have newegg access so I try to make due with what is available locally (much more expensive, sadly).

I've seen people recommending Z87 motherboards, but they're either AS expensive as the cpu I'm going for, or more expensive... that just does not make much sense to me. But I'm scared to go with the bare minimum as well. I kinda screwed up a bit on my last build by going for a lesser mobo (due to lack of availability), and now the mobo is the first component that is really giving up. Anyway, here are some of the mobos available here:


Apart from this, what PSU capacity do you think I will need?

Also, having not tried a dual-monitor set-up, will there be hurdles on the way? Is performance going to be affected?

Ha, and I felt so proud of myself after my first build, here I am crawling back into TH's arms again. haha! Sorry for the long post and looking forward to your replies. Thank you so much.
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  1. Don't be cheap with the gpu when it's ur job. Go for 7950 or 7970. Future proof it. Pretty much ur budget dictates what you can buy. What's ur budget?
  2. Hi WWW, my budget is around 1 - 1.2k USD.

    I would love to get those, but as I mentioned, prices are much more expensive here (Philippines).

    As comparison (close estimate):

    model - local - newegg
    7850 - 225usd - 170usd
    7950 - 350usd - 220usd
    7970 - 475usd - 310usd
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    7950 is 356 bit like 7970 so you can crossfire it with 7970 in the future when they are cheaper because it's the same chipset. I use to build my system. Try it out, I'm not sure if they will deliver to where you live but it's a good guide to build PCs because they will show you compatibility. See what you can put together and post the perma-link to your parts so people can comment and advise on improvements.

    My build is:
    7950 (960MHz stock, got it to 1010MHz without trying)
    Asus ATX MOBO z77
    Balistics 2x8GB ram @1600
    1 Killa Watt PSU
    I consider my system an overkill but I expect it to last for 5 years.
    I have Photoshop, Sony Vegas, and play videos games open at the same time without a sweat.
    The most Ram usage ive seen was 8gb once and processor only is at 100% when rendering HD videos.
    I built it for under 1k USD about 6 months ago.
  4. Thanks for the link. I'll try to pick parts from there to check compatibility as well and then post it here.

    They don't deliver here, unfortunately. And they don't shift prices as quickly as the US as well,
    which is super annoying living in the third-world and actually paying more.

    A 6-month old rig like that would cost around 1.4k usd here CURRENTLY with just the parts you listed.
    (Excluding everything else... case,monitors,etc).
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