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I have an i5 3570k and a Z77 motherboard. Why is it when I disable the Turbo Boost and then increase the CPU Multiplier, getting past 38 would automatically enable the Turbo Boost with no way of disabling it. I actually like it enabled but just in case I want to disable the Turbo Boost during 4.0 GHz up for future stuffs, knowing how to disable it would be great. I'm pretty sure I'm changing the CPU Multiplier and not the Turbo Multiplier.
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  1. Pretty sure you need to have Turbo Boost on for overclocking. My ASRock Z77 OC Formula won't let me raise my multiplier without Turbo Boost enabled.

    Can you be more specific as to why and what situation you want to disable Turbo Boost?
  2. My mistake it becomes enabled at 34.

    ^ Oh so I assume it's the same for everyone. There's no specific reason as of now but I figured that having the option make it disabled might be useful at some point. Anyway, as I said, I like turbo boost and would enable it even if it can be disabled.

    So here's another question. Can I change CPU Multiplier and change Turbo Boost Multiplier making the two different? Let's say I make CPU Multiplier at 42 and Turbo Boost at 40? What would happen? If the numbers are exchanged what would happen then? I actually have the speedstep on too. Would it jump to 40 then 42 at max?
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    There's really no benefit to having it disabled. If you want to run the processor at full speed all the time, then you would want to disable SpeedStep.
  4. ^ Thanks! I have no questions now.
  5. Cool, glad to help.
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