2x 7970 Matrix Platinums or 1 780/new amd card

My 570 doesn't cut it anymore and i'm looking to upgrade properly.

Scan has Matrix 7970s for £239 with the usual array of free games but i'm concerned with the typical crossfire issues.

I play at 1080p but I want to turn everything up and I may get a higher res screen next year.

Will any of the cards stumble with next gen games?

Ive got a Asus Z68 which has room for the Platinums if I use the black PCIE slot at the bottom

Cooling shouldn't be an issue as I have a HAF X and its side fan will be kissing both cards

My PSU is a HX750.

Is crossfire still something to shy away from or do I get 1 card now and chuck a 2nd in later?
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  1. 2 crossfired 7970s will smoke 1 gtx780. However, crossfire (as well as SLI) issues are always annoying (micro-stuttering may drive you mad).

    If you stay at 1080p, get the gtx780 and use the 570 as a physx card.

    If you're going to 2560x1600, get the 2 7970s.
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