Trying to Fit Xonar PCIE and Two GTX 780's


I have an ASUS X79-DELUXE motherboard, and am trying to fit in the Xonar DSX PCIE 7.1 Audio Card, as well as the two 780's.

The 780's are in slots PCIEX16_1 and PCIEX16_4 like the manual suggests. But doing it this way blocks both the PCIEX_1 and PCIEX_2 slots for the sound card.

Any suggestions would be great, I don't know if I could (or if it would even fit) moving one of the GTX 780's to the PCIEX16_2. They would be on each other and I'd be really concerned about overheating.

Thanks for your time!
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  1. Install the sound card into one of the white PCI-Ex16 slots.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Wolfshadw said:
    Install the sound card into one of the white PCI-Ex16 slots.

    -Wolf sends

    Hello, thanks for the response!

    There aren't any 'white' PCI-Ex16 slots :/

    I have two completely black PCI-Ex16 slots available that it could potentially fit in (seems really tight) and that's the PCIEx16_2 and PCIEx16_3.

    Also, is it OK to install a PCIEx1 into a PCIEx16?

    Thank you for your assistance
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    Sorry. The image I saw (from Newegg) has two blue PCI-Ex16 slots, two white PCI-Ex16 slots and two blue PCI-Ex1 slots. Yes, it's perfectly fine to install a PCI-Ex1 card into a PCI-Ex16 slot.

    -Wolf sends
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