intel core i3 4340 vs i5 4430: which non-OC CPU performs better in todays games?

Intel core i3 4340:
Better single-core performance
Less power consumption
38$ cheaper
Cost: 208$

Intel core i5 4430:
Twice as much cores and threads
Better multi-core performance
Slightly faster in all types of applications.
Cost: 245,4$

Both are non-k versions, the first one uses less power and costs 40$ less and the other one has 4 cores instead of 2 cores. In terms of gaming performance and p/p which one would you recommend? I don't know how much difference 4 cores has over 2 cores in games but I don't believe the gap is so huge with todays games but maybe the 4 core one is more future proof. Maybe it won't matter which one is more future proof because you've probably by then bought a new CPU and sold the old one for the upgrade.

Note: I live in Sweden so prices may vary!
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  1. if you can afford the i5, go for it!
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    2 cores is enough for most games, 4 cores is perfer and optimal. Here is revire from

    Get the i3 and use the money for the better GPU.
  3. You make a really good point there. As of now 2 cores are enough and getting more will just waste money that should have gone to a better GPU as you stated. I guess quad core CPU will be a "must-have" for gamers in the future but as of today it's just adequate.

    I seem to be leaning more towards the i3 as it seems to be the way to go. It saves tons of power and money that I can use to purchase a stronger GPU as you stated.
    If you want to build a games rig for the next 3 years, you might want to take this in.
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