AMD CPU reaching 200 degrees Celsius?

So I was running Cinebench, and I noticed that my CPU monitoring software said my CPU was 206° Celsius.
Is this a problem with the software? Or is my CPU actually getting that hot? The heatsink is hot to the touch, but not hot enough to burn. I have tried two different monitoring software, they both say the same thing.
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  1. That's most likely in issue with the heat readers on your motherboard. I had a similar problem with my MSI board. I don't think CPUs can get that hot without melting, so if your computer is still running then it isn't hitting 200 degrees Celsius. It could be a software issue too.

    In short, your CPU is not that hot.
  2. I'd say software bug. Your computer would have shut off to protect itself before it reached that temperature.

  3. Ok. So if it is an issue with the heat readers, wouldn't the fan go to full speed to cool it down if it thinks its 206°?
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    Fan speed is based on what the BIOS reads. Since the fans didn't go to full speed, the BIOS probably isn't getting the 206 degree reading that HWMonitor is getting.

  5. Ok thank you for your help!
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