Will this power supply fit an ATX case?

So I recently bought a new motherboard to find out it doesnt fit in my Gateway computer case....so now I'm going ahead and buying a new ATX case but I'm now worried that the power supply will not fit or the dvd drive from it. I measured the power supply and its 7"X6"X3.5". Will that fit a standard ATX case? And what would the standard size of a dvd drive be?
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  1. If you got the PSU is ATX12V format then it will fit into the ATX case.

    DVD/CD is 5.25" format.
  2. The ATX12V Power Supply Design guide specifies that the PSU's physical dimensions should be:

    5.9"W x 3.4"H x 5.5"D

    The depth is the only dimension that is allowed to vary. High power PSUs will have a greater depth.

    Is your DVD drive a slim/half height model?

    Or is it the standard 5.7"W in x 6.7"D in x 1.6"H model?
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