Which is the better low profile video card

I need a low profile card for low-mid range gaming and I've narrowed it down to 2:

SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6670 1GB 128-bit GDDR5

ZOTAC ZT-60208-10L GeForce GT 640 1GB 64-bit GDDR5

At that price range I'm not concerned about which ones the cheapest, I just want to know which one is the best. I haven't found a review of those exact cards but on reviews I've seen comparing other (high profile) 6670's and 640's they pan out roughly equal, with the 640 pulling slightly ahead. Now I actually own the saphire card and have had for over 6 months. I will say that for a low profile case and light gaming that card is outstanding (can play wow on high with good frame rates, ultra when I'm not raiding, and skyrim on medium settings). I've been very happy with it and almost bought it again blindly but decided to do some research first.

Any thoughts on this? My gut is telling me that the GT 640 would be a slightly faster card, but I already know the saphire to be a great gamer and work with my hardware. The lenovo m71e I'm putting this in only has a 250w power supply, but that never phased the saphire and it has a higher recommended wattage requirement (saphire says 400w min, while the 640 says recommended 350). Does the 640 truly use less power? Is it a faster card for most games? Any thought would be appreciated.
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  1. 6670 is a bit faster and performs a bit better, they both will use little power
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    6670 GDDR5 version.. but HD7750 1 gig Gddr5 is even better,30 % performance boost on most games.. sells under 90 $
  3. That is true, I'd get a 7750
  4. Yes you may want to take a look at this its $92 after rebate.
  5. Yeah I saw that one and it looks like a good option with the rebate. This is for my brothers kid and I'm not sure what games he's going to play on it. I've seen him play BF and CoD but he has an xbox for that. My GF is using that 6670 in an identical system to the one that I'm giving to my nephew and I've had 0 problems out of that card, and like I say it play wow like a champ (which after MoP has become a pretty demanding game in its own right with the settings cranked up). I'll talk to my brother but if he want's to play modern FPS's I'll probably have to get the 7750.

    So the 6670 would really out preform that 640? Even with both of them having GDDR5 and the 640 being overclocked to 1046mhz?
  6. That'd probably be best, also wait a few weeks, here mid October AMD's new cards come out and some of the current cards are likely to fall in price
  7. Well if you go by tomshardware reviews pretty much the 7750 and the 6670 (before that the 5670) were always the top rated cards for the price range and preformace for years as far as entry level gaming goes.
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