A-Data HD710 External HDD weak usb connection

Hi mates,
I have bought A-Data HD710 External HDD but I found usb connection is very weak. I mean when I even touch very soft and easy the USB cable, the drive is being disconnected from PC. Even I knock on the table. Moving of the drive is impossible. I found usb port connection between the cable and the drive is weak, not the cable and PC.
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  1. Have you tried a new cable or does it have a proprietary connector at the drive end?

    If new cable doesn't help, or the cable is a proprietary one supplied with the drive, it's either a bad cable or bad USB port on the drive, in which case you need to take the matter up with the manufacturer or see if you can exchange it if you still have the packaging.
  2. I am using the original cable. I thnink it is very rigid.
  3. Is it a standard cable with a single USB connector at each end which is widely available?
    If it is, buy a new one. You can't be sure existing one is okay just because it's "rigid".

    If new cable doesn't help, the connector on the drive may be faulty so contact the manufacturer. That's what manufacturer's gaurantees are for.
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