gtx 770 vs 7950 vs 760?

-Which one is better and will last longer?
-do they work on Intel dh61ww?
-I have blue storm 500w psu, should I get a new one?
-I have core i5 2500k @3.3Ghz will it cause a bottleneck?

Thank you.
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  1. The best performing card is the 770, best bang for your buck, buy a 7950 and OC it to 7970 levels
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    The 770 is way better then the other 2 if you have the money get that.
    It should work just fine in your mobo.
    Your PSU is probably a bit weak for any of these cards, get something with 550 to 600 watt and MOST importantly at least 42 amps on the 12v rail for a GTX 770.
    Your I5 is not going to bottleneck anything :)
  3. i just got a gtx 770 sc w/ acx cooling and i upgrade my psu to a cx 600
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