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So I read at some pages that you can open up a external HDD and take the HDD out and then put it in the computer. Yes I have a 2.5" bay, in case someone is wondering, and this is the HDD I want to disassemble , is this possible? Someone said that the ones with the port like the one in the link, can't be used as internal. Thanks!
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  1. I have a wd 1tb external drive and it was a sata drive i installed it in my tower worked fine
  2. I got tired of plugging mine (Toshiba USB 3.0, 500gb) in so I waited until newegg had a PCIe USB 3 card with a type A port and mounted both. I got the drive dirt cheap or I'd have just purchased another SATA drive to mount. I use a SSD drive for Paragon imaging and the Toshiba for W7's utility backups. I understand your point though, I'm sure you just want to use a SATA cable. I'm thinking some probably have the SATA to USB components permanently attached to each other so you may have to go the card route. There are probably 19-pin USB to type A adapters if your motherboard has 19-pin USB ports. Mine were already all in use, reason for the card. Good luck!
  3. So it should work?


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  4. Amir Arfan said:
    So it should work?


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    I don't think he bumped the thread. I believe he doesn't understand yet.
    To answer the question, I'd say you better not take the drive apart and only try it the way I described!
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