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Earlier I was playing the Battlefield 4 beta, with no issues. I got up to do something, and when I came back, my wallpaper was gone(reset to black), I couldnt connect to the internet, it says i have no sound devices, and my overlay that makes Win8 work like Win7 was gone. I suspected a virus, so i ran kaspersky and malwarebytes, neither of which were able to find anything. I then attempted to refresh/rollback my pc. It says it cant do either because of a shadow copy error. I dont know what to do. i have important school stuff i need to be doing now, so a fast response would be appreciated.

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  1. Try booting into Safe Mode, and see if problem persist, if it's no longer a problem, it mayt well be a driver issue, can also try rerunning Malware Bytes while there, might also run System File checker in case Explorer.exe is messed up corrupt, to run that, go to the command prompt as Administrator and run SFC /SCANNOW
  2. Thanks for the reply. I tried booting into safe mode, and it wouldn't do anything. It just booted normally. I also attempted to run system file checker. It was unable to complete the operation. I noticed under my system specs it wasnt detecting my CPU or RAM either. I got fed up and even tried to wipe my PC back to factory settings. AND I COULDNT EVEN DO THAT!!! What in gods name is wrong with this thing? Does it have some form of super virus?!
  3. Might see if you can create a new user and make it an Admin, then change to that new user and see what happens and if you can run SFC, malware, etc
  4. Could be something fundamental like RAM or HDD failure. Try running on one stick of RAM and if you have access to anther PC d'load and run Seatools for DOS from a USB or CD
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    You can also use the Windows Memory Diagnostic to test your RAM. Simply enter Memory at the Start Screen and select Diagnose your computer’s memory problems under Settings. Select Restart now and check for problems to boot the system into the diagnostic.

    If the Windows Memory Diagnostic does not find errors, you can also check the hard disk and file system for errors or corruption by opening a Command Prompt and entering chkdsk /r. The system will inform you that the drive cannot be locked and prompt you to run on reboot. Reboot to start the check. This will both look for sector damage on the physical disk and for corruption in the file system which might result in files being inaccessible. Dedicated diagnostic utilities provided by the hardware manufacturer like the Seagate tools mentioned by dodger46 can provide even more thorough information about the physical condition of the drive, while chkdsk provides additional analysis of the file system. The ideal scenario would be to run both.

    If your hardware appears to be functional, you can also use the System File Checker (SFC) to scan the operating system core files for corruption and to replace them if corruption is found. Simply open a Command Prompt and enter sfc /scannow.
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