Can I use Asus RT-AC66U as a DSL router?

Hi guys! Alright, so I subscribed to one of the "high-end" DSL plans here in our country (Philippines by the way - plan is 8Mbps down) and it came with a ProLink H5004N ADSL2 + Wireless Router. Now I am kind of skeptical of the provided router that's why I am looking for a suitable replacement or better "solution".

I found the ASUS RT-AC66U as one of the possible replacements but since I am kind of new to these devices, I would like to ask for a second opinion from you guys and possibly ask for suggestions aside from the RT-AC66U (Linksys perhaps?).

If it helps, I have a gaming rig, a PS3 as well as 2 smartphones and a tablet that is utilizing the internet at my home.
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    You'll have to put the existing router functionality into bridge mode.
    Try this tutorial:
  2. The N66U and AC66U are two fairly popular models.

    And yes, either of those would be able to do DSL as long as your ISP does not use proprietary middleware.
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