Can an i5 3330 still handle bf4 and the next gen games?

Can an i5 3330 still handle bf4 and the next gen games or should I consider upgrading now?

Intel Core i5 3330
MSI B75MA-P45 (MS-7798)

This is my motherboard and my CPU. Also, can my MOBO handle higher processors? Thanks! Total newb here :)
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  1. If you're using the integrated video on the i5 then probably not. Motherboards have sockets, certain processors go into their respective socket, any processor that you can upgrade to if necessary will be listed here . The open beta for Battlefield 4 is out and you can always test things out. If you do not have a graphics card, I would recommend buying a GTX 660 (or higher).
  2. The i5 3330 is good to go for bf4. However like the other poster said you will need a dedicated graphics card such as any of the cards from the HD 7000 series or GTX 600/700 series in order to play games properly. Hard to say what card you should get without knowing what you hope to achieve with your computer as far as settings and resolution go.
  3. i5 are performance but you need dedicated graphics, your MOBO suports all 1155 processors, I recomend you HD7850 or GTX660 ,also remember those cards need good PSUs as well
  4. Well, i got a 650 ti right now. Planning to buy a 760 or a 770. which do you think would be more worth it to buy for 1680x1050 gaming with 60 fps on max settings?
  5. Whichever you want, the 760 is a slightly better that the 660 Ti and the 770 is slightly better than a 670 Ti. Both would be a big upgrade.
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    the GTX770 would be the stronger choise if you can aford it, go agead with no hesitating
  7. I just bought the GTX 760 and for the price it's easily the best way to go. Picked it up for barely more than $280 and it's pure performance all the way. Your processor might perform a few fps lower than an 8 core in the future but it will still be mostly based on the GPU. 650ti won't hold up for long.
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