Taking files for a windows computer from a cd drive onto a usb?

The disk drive i installed onto my PC isn't working and all I have are apple computers, is there any way i can take the files intended for the Windows computer and transfer them onto a flash drive so i can install it onto the PC?
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  1. To make sure I understand this correctly I need to ask a few questions.
    1) You installed a new hard drive in your PC and it's not working, correct?
    2) What exactly do you mean by the drive is not working? It won't boot the computer? It's dead (has failed) or is it not recognized by the PC?
    If it is a new drive, have you checked under disk management to see if it appears there? If yes and it does appear, has the drive been initialized so it could be used by the PC?
    3) Is the new drive a secondary drive or a primary drive (with the OS installed)?
    4) Are the files intended for the PC on an Apple computer now?
    The short answer is you should be able to take the files and move them to a CD or flash drive and then later copy/install them on the PC provided the PC boots and you can access the hard drive.
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