CPU Fan not working? Potential replacement?

So, the typical person I'd consult for this is unfortunately out of the country for the time being.

First build as of the beginning of this year, I installed Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo, and as of the beginning of August, the fan started making this slight burring noise, as though it were lightly touching something, but otherwise it worked perfectly fine. I decide to take a look, realize I hadn't cleaned out dust and whatnot in a while so I peel off the layers of dust buildup in the heatsink, canned air away everything else and take the fan out to make sure the wires aren't maybe being hit by the fan (and thus be the cause of the burring noise). I put it back in, turn on the computer and no more noise! I check HWMonitor and it says I'm still running at a good 1000rpm on average, so I'm like, "okay great". That near the beginning of September.

I take a look a week ago and my average CPU temp was 70c, I check my fan and it's not spinning at all. I try to diagnose the issue myself, and upon being powered from my CPU_FAN1 header on the mobo, it turns out it actually does move, a few millimetres every 10 seconds or so, but that's it. The same happens when powered out of every available fan header on the mobo. I don't know much about this stuff, despite that I tried to power it with a 12v Power Supply from a wire layout for 4 Pin headers I found online, didn't move (I don't know if this matters at all).

Am I safe to assume that if my Chassis Fan and everything else on the mobo is running peachy, and that despite what header I plugged my fan into, it gave the same result, that the fault is in my fan and not anywhere else?

And if so, I saw a post of a similar nature with this product, and the replacement fan the poster was considering was the following Noctua fan:

I know little to nothing about fan design or use, but would this fan be an alright replacement if my assumption is true and I need a replacement?
And if not, would anyone mind making a suggestion?
Lastly, thank you for your time.
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    That is definitely a fan I would consider. I really like noctua fans. Airflow capability is right in the area your old fan is . I would suspect the Noctua to be quieter which is a plus. It does sound like your fan is the culprit.
  2. Thank you, and yeah I had a friend and a Micro Center employee recommend me Noctua fans.
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