WD Hard Drives are not Recognized anywhere anymore

I recently did a normal rebuild of one of my main gamer computers. I noticed right away that all of my WD drives are no longer Recognized by any of my computers as well as my laptop. even my OCZ toaster does not Recognize them. When I use the Black-X toaster it says that I need to format the drive to be able to use it any more (they still have some very important backups on them) as that is what they were used for before. I have 3 external 1TB element usb drives and they all give me the same notice about a format to use them again. I posted a notice on the WD forums and did a simple Google and found out a few other people have the same problem. I was wondering if MS has anything to do with any of their updates ? Does anyone else have any ideas ?

GIGABYTE GA-890GPA-UD3H - Item#: N82E16813128435
Antec Nine Hundred Item#: N82E16811129021
Rosewill Xtreme Series RX750 Item#: N82E16817182069
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Item#: N82E16832116718
LG DVD Burner Item#: N82E16827136177
G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 12GB Item#: N82E16820231276
OCZ Vertex 4 128G Item#: N82E16820227791
Western Digital WD Green (X2) Item#: N82E16822136891
AMD Phenom II X4 980 Black Edition Deneb 3.7GHz Item#: N82E16819103934
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    It could be, hard to say with USB drives because they are fairly unreliable IMO.

    I would first try using the free EaseUS Partition Recovery Wizard in EaseUS Partition Master from HERE in the automatic mode to see if you can easily recover the drive.
  2. It seems under the so called "free" you have a limit of 1TB of free data. but does not mention if its per storage unit or the total. Either way if it does work I will go out and purchase one any ways.
  3. EaseUS Partition Recovery Wizard help there but thanks anyways.
  4. My next step would be to try Recuva, and that is totally free. :)
  5. What are the model numbers of your drives?
  6. fzabkar said:
    What are the model numbers of your drives?

    You want them all ? I believe there are seven bare drives. I am not too worried about them being under warranted any more.
  7. IIUC, you have 7 drives, some internal and some external, which are no longer recognised by several machines.

    If there is a common factor, I would be looking for malware, or maybe RAM.

    Can you still see the partitions in Disk Management?

    If I were troubleshooting your problem, I would run a bootable version of WD's Data LifeGuard against your drives. Then I would use a disc editor (eg DMDE) to examine the important OS sectors, eg sectors 0, 63, 2048.
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