i5 3570k reaching 70c gaming on stock

I'm just wondering if these are normal/ safe temps for a 3570k on stock cooler while gaming.
(recorded with CoreTemp)

core 0 Max: 71
core 1 Max: 72
core 2 Max: 67
core 3 Max: 66

I ran prime95 and the temp peaked at 80c. Is this too hot or is it ok?
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  1. that's about what I would expect. Stock cooler is kinda crappy.
  2. Yeah stock cooler = el cheapo, get at least a coolermaster hyper 212 EVO
  3. Is it safe though?
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    No those temps are not safe, is your case ventilated enough (what case are you using)? Maximum safe temp for i5-3570k is 67.4°C (source, intel site: Make sure you have a rear fan in your case and a front fan. Don't put your PC in a cabinet (I'll lol if you did this). If the temps are still that high, get a coolermaster hyper 212 EVO.
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