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I just would like to know which mobo can be used for ivy bridge processors like g2020, 2120 and etc. Can i use H61 mobos as h71 are very expensive.
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  1. the h61 some of them will run but need a bios update. some wont post till the bios is updated.
  2. hey smorzio what is a bios update canu name some h61 mobos. Is it difficult to do bios update
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    the bios is a small chip that start your mb up at post. on the h61 mb if the bios is too low you need another cheaper chip to post the mb with.
    look at he cpu qal list you see you need bios 4400 to post a lot of the ib cpu.
    if the vendor send you this motherboard and it has the f3 bios on it your all set.
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