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400W power supply enough for fx 6300 and Radeon HD 7750?

Hi. I am doing a new build with fx 6300, Asus M5a97 r2.0 Mobo,
Radeon HD7750 and
16 Gb Crucial Ram.
I do have my old 400 W power Supply.
Will that be enough here? I dont intend to overclock my system or do crossfire/SLI. I am satisfied with this config. I also do have a DVD RW drive.

So will 400 W be enough?
I also saw this about the 7750 power consumption.
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  1. If it's a reliable 400w psu it will be fine.
  2. I have been using it for the past 6 years on my intel Pentium 4 build without any trouble. Does the 3 physical cores of fx 6300 make any difference??
  3. Wow!If you been using it for six years already personally, i would replace it.You can get something like this
  4. A 6yo P4 era PSU? I'd change it.
  5. Thank you.. It looks like a good choice..
  6. It is i've used it myself in the past.No problem.You're welcome!
  7. IDK, it's not even bronze rated.
  8. No worries!I've installed several of them with no issues Here's a recent review on the VP-450...
  9. The Antec VP450 is decent but for the same price you can get a better unit.

    The Corsair 430CX is 80 Plus Bronze certified.

    The quality of the 2 units is similar so you might as well go for the more efficient Corsair. With 32 amps on the 12v rail the Corsair is also slightly more powerful than the 30 amp Antec despite the listed wattage as well.
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    Anort and I are thinking alike. Though thanks for the review as it shows it's not 80Cert not because its inefficient, but because its lacking a part. I prefer the Antec 380W green, but it hasn't been on sale in awhile. And at nearly $50 shipped, you are better off with the Capstone 450W for $62.
  11. I agree go for that instead.I didn't realize they were the same price.I thought the Corsair 430CX was ten dollars more.Which i'd pass on if that was the case.
  12. If it is a true 400 Watts then there would be no problem at all ..
  13. True but it's six years old already.
    As PSU age they tend to become less efficient and provide less power than new. It should be replaced imo.
  14. Thanks for all the valuable info. I will go for the corsair and I suppose 430W should be enough for my build..
  15. It's more then enough good choice enjoy!
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