Need Help Choosing a Motherboard and Power supply.

I assembled my computer in 09 and through the years upgraded some parts as needed such as video card/cpu cooler. Couple months ago my graphic card died on me. Luckily the warranty on it still worked and I called EVGA and got a replacement card. The replacement card died a month later with same issue, so I got another replacement card from EVGA. This one lasted a little over a month...about 40 days and died again with same issue. So this was the 3rd of the same card that died on me. I called EVGA and now they are sending me a different model. So all this stuff got me thinking. Although it is not clear to me what the problem is, im taking a guess into assuming that it is either my motherboard or power supply. I don’t want to have to keep sending cards back, so im planning on upgrading my motherboard and powersupply to secure myself from any further problems. I also have a SSD Drive which is not at its full potential speed due to having a outdated motherboard. I will need a mobo to support sata 6.0GB Speeds. Even though I had this Rampage II motherboard I had done no overclocking since I don’t know how. All I need now is a motherboard that will support my SSD drive to its full potential and a power supply that will be able to power everything connected without problems. I want to be able to play latest games at 1080p with close to 60 fps. Please help me find a good motherboard and again I don’t know how to overclock, therefore I will not be overclocking it.

ASUS Rampage II Extreme LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard
Intel Core i7-920 Bloomfield 2.66GHz LGA 1366 130W Quad-Core Processor(BX80601920)
GeForce GTX 470(012-P3-1472-AR)
Samsung SSD 830 Series(MZ-7PC256D/AM)
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  1. You won't. S1366 came out prior to SATA 6.0 and doesn't have native support. At best you can get a board with a 3rd party controller that supports it, but due to how it hooks up you won't get 500MB+ read/write speeds.

    You might want to talk to Corsair. The TX750 is a good PSU and shouldn't be causing any problems. But they can walk you through it.
  2. Yeah I tried using this "HighPoint Rocket 620 PCI-Express 2.0 x1 SATA III (6.0Gb/s) Controller Card" and i was getting better speeds using onboard vs this card so i ended up not using it =/
  3. Also, is there a performance increase for having a motherboard with PCI 3.0 since i have a pci 3.0 video card, and my current board only supports PCI 2.0. So will upgrading my board for PCI 3.0 increase my Video Card performance?
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    No. Nearly no difference.
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