Help with Eyefinity and mini display port adapter resolution!

Hey guys, i need help with my eyefinity setup. I currently have my Gigabyte 7970 ghz edition, my 3 monitors one connected via HDMI, one connected via DVi and one connected with my Apple mini display to VGA, the problem is i cant change the resolution of the mini display port for some reason :/ i really need help with this! Thanks!
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  1. What monitors?
  2. I have two BENQ GL2450's and one BENQ GL2440
  3. I'm assuming you are trying 1080?

    I'm not sure VGA will handle this. Is it doing 400 or 720?
  4. Sorry for not being specific. Yeah i am using 3 1920x1080 monitors which essentially become 5760x1080 in eyefinity, i think.
  5. Well im using a mini display to VGA. It doesn't let me change the resolution of the monitor the adapter is connected to.


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  6. And that resolution is? That's the question I asked.

    I'm not sure VGA will handle this. Is it doing 400 or 720?
  7. 640x480, cant change it. VGA won't handle 1920x1080? Well if i use a normal VGA cable from my GPU to my Monitor i can get a 1920x1080 resolution. But when i plug in the adapter its stuck at 640x480. I also get some message about Displayport Link Failure? I've tried both mini display ports on my GPU, they don't work. Is there a way that i can do eyefinity if i have my 3rd monitor connected via DVI on my motherboard? But i cant create a group display if i have one monitor connected to my motherboard though :/
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    Correct, eyefinity won't work by using one from the board. I know VGA will handle 1080, but if you read the link I provided he had issues getting 1050. Something about VGA can't do eyefinity AND 1080. Can you use extend? I'm doing 1080 x3 on my 7950 using two adapters, and my TV over HDMI. I haven't enabled eyefinity yet though. I almost want to blame your MAC adapter, but I'm not sure what that DP link failure means.
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