ASRock Z77 Extreme4 worked for 3 months now...

I've read everything I can find and tried everything. So, I'm begging for help.

This is a 3-month-old build. Worked fine until a week ago. Now I'm getting the same 99 then A2 error codes after trying
Removing NVIDIA card.
Rebuilding outside the case.
Updating BIOS.
Changing SATA cables/ports.
Tested each slot using 1 memory stick
Booted with only HDD and keyboard

Has 2 fans and CPU fan that all spin up.

I get the splash screen with the option to start windows 7 or run repair. Selecting Windows, it reboots and goes to same menu. Selecting repair, screen goes black.

All the parts came from Newegg and were compatible. It worked for 3 months.

Any suggestions (or magic phrase to use) would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. asrock's lower end boards are made rather cheaply to begin with. looks like your board is dying or soon to be dead. its probably RMA time.
  2. Well. Huh. That's not good. Any recommendations for a better mobo?
  3. I have had that board for over a year , with 0 issues , wouldn't call it low end , runs flawless.
  4. Any suggestions on what I could try next? I thought it was a pretty decent board. Did my research. But, I'm just stumped.
  5. It's a great board , not low end in my opinion.Have my 3570k overclocked to 4.6 on it.
  6. it's not so great if i can't get it to work, though.
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    its decent, but when asrock likes to cheap out on the vrm on everything below the extreme6, i wouldnt get it

    id give the z77-v LK a go. my friend and i both have one (even though they were bought for 50 bucks during a warehouse sale) and they run very nicely
  8. Thanks so much for the info. A friend told me to try and disable the UDF so I'll give that a shot but I'm really thinking your'e right. *sigh*

    I noticed your flag. Which province? I've spent time in Ontario and Alberta. Beautiful.

    Thanks for your help with this aggravating mobo.
  9. ontario. everywhere but the cities are pretty nice looking
  10. The Extreme 4 has 8 + 4 power phases and overclocks like a champ.My extreme 6 failed to start after 2 months , so I picked up the 4 and all is well for quite awhile now.

    All my other builds are on ASUS boards.
  11. its 8 phases on a doubler or a 4x2 phase. on top of that, it uses d-pak mosfets which are the cheapest ones you can get on the market. even msi doesnt use them on their low end boards. there is a good reason for the pretty bulky heatsinks on what would be a lower end board
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