ADSL2+ Modem Disconnection Problem (While connected via USB) & Low Speed Problem

I've got a "TP-Link TD-8817" connected to a 2 Megabit ADSL internet. As I've got a PC and a Laptop I have connected the Modem to the "Laptop" using its "Lan Cable" and at the same time the Modem is connected via its "USB Cable" to the "PC".

(Both systems are running Windows 8 32-bit)

The problem is that my PC loses its connection to the internet every once in a while, And that's while the Laptop `NEVER` has any connection problem. In this case I just have to unplug the USB Cable and replug it and then the internet on PC reconnects. Everything used to work fine while ago but this problem just appeared some weeks ago. Any ideas on what to do?

+ I've got low internet speed problem on PC too, While there's none on the Laptop
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    the modem is actually design to use either the USB or the Network cable but not both at the same time.

    If you want to connect more than one device you should connect a network switch to the modem and then connect both your PC and Laptop to the switch.
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