How do i know if i can fit a fan?

This is my case

this is my motherboard.

So i see my case says i have available fan slots, but how do i know if i have enough sockets etc?

thanks in advance.
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    You have one chassis fan header on your motherboard (and one CPU_FAN header). The lack of fan headers does not prevent you from adding fans using the molex connectors from your power supply (the fans will run at constant 'full' speed then). There are also fan controllers available which usually are powered by a single molex and can control multiple fans.
  2. Even if your MoBo doesn't have enough system fan headers, most fans also have leads for the peripheral connectors on your power supply. That specific board has one cpu fan header and one system fan header.
  3. Thanks, hopefully i can figure out how to fit it, i guess it will be straight forward.
    i just didnt want to buy another if there was no connection for it.
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