Gaming mice and keyboard for my built ?

Hello there !

I've recently built my new rig. I want a good keyboard as well as mice .
I will be mainly playing FPS games like crysis 3 , Far Cry 3 , BF4 etc.
Budget won't matter .
My stuff are :

CM Storm Trooper w/ window
Cooler Master V8 GTS
Maximus VI Formula

It will be good if mice and keybo will red cause it will suit my build :D
but green will also do :)

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    BuzzKenway said:
    Budget won't matter..., since it's for gaming and budget won't matter these are my picks (obviously you could have a thousand combinations, but i will keep it clean and simple by suggesting only two)


    KEYBOARD (Mechanical):
    (where you can custom order your mechanical keyboard, colors, styles, etc.)
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